Ironing Table Wooden

Ironing Table Wooden

Cipla Plast Folding Ironing Board Wooden – Are you fed of bringing clothes to your bed and then ironing them, only to find out that the other side has creases all over again? If yes, then this folding ironing board is what you need. It can be opened upon anywhere and can be kept close to the plug point, ensuring that you never have to hassle with your irons cord. It is light weight and comes with a unique design which makes it faster to iron clothes. The best part about this ironing board is its space saving design and the foldable style, which makes it easier to store the product when not in use.


1. Item Code: GEC-526SM

Size: 111.76 x 31.75 cm

2. Item Code: GEC-526MD

Size: 121.92 x 40.64 cm

3. Item Code: GEC-526BG

Size: 121.92 x 46.99 cm